Transport Manager CPC

Transport Manager CPC Qualification

Our course, led by highly qualified trainers, provides comprehensive knowledge of transport management. With years of experience in the field, our trainers have a deep understanding of all aspects of this industry.


No prior experience in transport and logistics is required to attend this course. It is designed to equip delegates with the skills necessary to excel in a transport manager role. It is also suitable for individuals with experience in fleet management who are seeking to advance their careers and take on the responsibility of a company’s O-licence.

Certificate of Professional Competence

Experienced Tutors

Whether you want to run your own transport business, work as an external transport manager, or secure a job in transport management, this qualification is a requirement.

Exam Preperation

This course will help you prepare for the formal examinations needed to obtain this qualification.

All the Relevant Materials

Obtaining the transport managers CPC, or Operators CPC, is vital for those pursuing a career as a transport manager.

Face to Face Training

It is also necessary if you wish to obtain an operator's license and be designated as the transport manager.

Transport Manager CPC Course

This comprehensive Transport Manager CPC training course equips delegates with the essential modules required to obtain the qualifications necessary for becoming a transport manager. As a transport manager, you will be responsible for the O-licence and effectively managing a fleet of large vehicles with professionalism and adherence to legal compliance.

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Transport Manager CPC Exam

Training in More Detail

The Transport Manager CPC course guarantees that transport managers stay updated with essential compliance knowledge and are skilled at implementing it effectively. Showing ‘professional competence’ is a fundamental necessity of the operator licensing system, covering both Standard National and Standard International licenses.

Become a certified transport manager with our comprehensive CPC training course. Gain the necessary qualifications to take charge of an O-licensed fleet and ensure legal compliance. Our tutor-led courses are held over ten days, providing the professional guidance you need.

Transport Manager CPC Course Syllabus

Our expert tutors provide comprehensive training and materials and ensure you are fully prepared to pass the Transport Manager CPC course.

  • Introduction to the Course
  • Business and Company Law
  • Industrial Relations
  • Health and Safety
  • Financial Management
  • Commercial Conduct of the Business
  • Marketing
  • Organisation Charts, KPI’s and Work Plans
  • Business Taxation
  • Operator Licensing
  • Drivers’ Hours and Records – Basic Requirements
  • Drivers’ Hours and Records – Records
  • Planned Preventive Maintenance
  • Vehicle Costing
  • Vehicle Taxation
  • Transport Ancillaries and Contracts of Carriage
  • Electronic Data
  • Weights and Dimensions of Vehicles and Loads
  • Safe Loading of Vehicles and Transit of Goods
  • Mechanical Conditions – Plating and Testing
  • Mechanical Conditions – Fleet Inspections and Enforcement
  • Driver Licensing
  • Speed Limits and Traffic Regulations
  • Traffic Accident Procedure
  • Insurance
  • Vehicle Selection
  • Permits

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is HGV training?

We always keep our prices as competitive as possible.
Please contact us for our latest availability and price.

How long is a transport managers course?

In total, the course runs 10 days and has two revision days and 1 day exams.

Does the transport manager CPC expire?

No, not as such; however, it is recommended to refresh your knowledge every 5 years with a convenient 2-day Transport Manager Refresher. Stay ahead in the industry with the right qualifications.

Where in the country are you located?

Located on the English and Welsh border in Deeside CH5 2JZ, our state-of-the-art training facility is easily accessible for students from all over the UK.
Just off the M56, our modern and high spec facility provides a convenient and modern learning environment.

Is there much technical information on the course?

While the technical aspect may be minimal, you'll gain invaluable insights on running a professional and profitable operation.

How long to train as an HGV driver?

Our teaching approach incorporates dynamic multi-media presentations, featuring our specially crafted power-point slides. Students are provided with hard copies of the slides for easy reference. In addition, engaging videos and handouts are utilised to enhance the learning experience. We pride ourselves on fostering a high level of class interaction and participation, ensuring that students actively engage with the material. Rest assured, we offer our students comprehensive support, extending beyond class hours. We are available at any time to address any inquiries or concerns students may have.

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