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James Isgar

My journey started when a colleague who had already begun their training with Andy Swan Driver Services suggested their services to get my Class 2 licence and CPC. Together we went to their offices, where the team explained step by step what I needed to achieve and how they would train and support me to get there. As an anxious person, it reassured me how calm and welcoming their office was. Soon after, I was given a concrete date for my theory, hazard perception and case study tests, and revision resources that had everything I needed to pass them. I was impressed that they had scheduled all three for one day, reducing my travel time and time I needed off work. All tests went according to plan.

Next was the practical CPC test which is run in-house by the Andy Swan team. I had a long training session beforehand to prepare me for the practical test; it was a humorous and interesting training session that definitely kept us immersed in the session. This session prepared us fully for the practical test.

After this was the Class 2 driver training which went brilliantly with calm, funny and knowledgeable instructors. I was impressed with Andy Swan’s reversing centre, which allowed me to practice the reversing manoeuvre in my own time, in the same place I would be examined. The breaktime visits to Greggs were appreciated. With their support and training, I passed my Class 2 and went

straight back to the office to book my Class 1 training. In there meantime, I went to a Periodic CPC course run by Andy Swan that was about driving hours; I found this invaluable as a new driver who was still a little unsure of how the driver’s hours regulations were put into practice in the real world.

The Class 1 training mirrored the experience of the Class 2 training and was faultless, even down to the Greggs visits. It was even more helpful that I had videos of challenging manoeuvres on the test routes and an explanation of how to get the truck through them to test standard. As I explained, I am an anxious person, and the team even organised an extra couple of hours of training on a Sunday to ensure I felt calm at the wheel and was ready for my test.

Once I had passed my Class 1 test, I asked if I would like to go out with an agency driver to gain some experience of how trucks operate in the real world. This was possible was Andy Swan Driver Services also run a driver agency alongside their training company.

I jumped at the chance and went out with a great guy, who talked me through an average day of truck driving, how to open a curtain sider trailer, the basics of securing the types of load we were carrying, what to do when coupling and uncoupling don’t go as smoothly as it did I your training and even how you go about refuelling and filling up the AdBlue. It really was invaluable.

I asked to go out again as I learned so much from the first experience, but this was interrupted by a driving assessment I was offered by a company looking to recruit a Class 1 day driver. Although I was sorry to miss another day out with an agency driver. I am happy to say; that through channelling everything I was taught during my time with Andy Swan Driver Services. I have a new job that I start in less than a week’s time.

I can’t thank Andy Swan Driver Services team enough for their training, advice and support they gave me to get my licence and when I started looking for a job. It’s been a great experience with them.

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James Blackburn

I was considering changing careers and was initially very nervous as it was a big decision to make and would be something completely different to what I was doing (Business Insurance).

Having called a couple of the national training schools, I asked for a couple of recommendations from people I knew, and they said to give Andy Swan Driving Services a call. I ended up speaking to Andy, who invited me in for a chat the next day.

As soon as I went in, I could see there was a great team of people who cared about helping me to get through the process as easily as possible. They even had an agency that I could work for at the end of my training to help me gain valuable experience.

Nikki arranged my medical, provisional application, theories, CPC and test dates within a few minutes – and everything was in place as easily as that.

Andy, Steve and Nikki all helped greatly in getting me through my Class 2 and my Class 1 in quick succession. I have been working full-time at the agency ever since. It’s a great, friendly team who cares about supporting every single candidate through. Always wanting the best for them, whether that’s helping them to pass and get into full-time employment, agency work, or just their tests.

The support doesn’t stop once passing, as the team understands that there’s still a lot to learn once you start working and are always on hand to answer questions and help.

I’d highly recommend Andy Swan Driver Services Ltd, and I can’t thank them enough for supporting me through my career change.

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I decided to change my career in October 2021 and to become a HGV Class 1 driver. I set about booking my medical and adding the entitlements to my licence. I then looked around for a training provider, and Andy Swan Driver Services came highly recommended. I called them up, and within no time at all, I had my 1st lesson booked; not only that, but they told me that they could have organised my medical, driving licence entitlements and CPC training too.

I was able to pass my class 2, class 1 and my CPC with Andy Swan Driver Services and would happily recommend them to anybody who is thinking of training to become a HGV driver.

Initially concerned about obtaining work after I passed my test as there are a lot of companies that will not take on newly passed drivers; however, this is where Andy Swan Driver Services really do excel in the industry.

They are also an agency that can provide work after you have passed. I was sent out on a buddy day to learn the ropes and see how the job really works on a day-to-day basis and found that to be vital in gaining hands-on experience.

I then went on to work for the agency full time and became 1 of the family; everyone there is so helpful and friendly that it made fitting into my new career with ease.

After several months of HGV work and gaining the much-needed experience, a full-time position became available, and I made the hard decision to leave. Andy was more than happy that I was able to get full-time work and said there would always be work at the agency if I ever needed it; this gave me such a sense of security, knowing I could always go back if things didn’t work out.

To summarise, the experience I gained from Andy and all the team was invaluable to me. I can confidently say that should you decide to go with Andy Swan Driver Services; you will most definitely not regret it.

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Philip Bosworth

Summer 2020 and COVID was tearing my industry apart, and I decided to train as a HGV driver. The moment’s lock-down community spirit had everyone buying in local shops and sourcing services at local providers. I avoided the nationwide operators and went looking for a local LGV training provider

Andy Swan replied promptly to my enquiry and made the effort to provide me with some essential guides and application forms. I liked the guy from the start, and once I’d acquired CPC Mod 1 & 2 passes, I really enjoyed the initial Cat C training. Andy created a very relaxed and friendly training environment, but his no-nonsense approach to driving standards meant that I was well equipped to achieve a good pass at Cat C test. Andy also provided CPC Mod 4 examination, after which I acquired my CPC driver card and digital tacho card.

I spent a short period doing some Cat C driving for the Royal Mail and then returned to Andy Swan for Cat CE conversion training. It’s quite a leap, but Andy imparted the skills and knowledge to achieve a pass at my first attempt.

It’s at this point where Andy’s web of influence really delivered. Through his new agency service at the time, he was able to place me immediately into a general haulage environment where I received on-the-job coaching and tips before being let loose on my own at the controls of an articulated lorry.

There’s a lot of learning to do on the job but Andy’s offer of a 24/7 telephone assistance service helped to smooth the process. I also returned to Andy for some further training when I felt that was appropriate; he provided a bespoke package to address what I perceived to be a weakness in my skill set. As I gained experience, confidence and Andy’s trust, the jobs got better, and the lorries got nicer. I was able to develop good relationships with Andy’s client hauliers, and I became a trusted driver, afforded the benefit of autonomous and unsupervised operation.

Throughout all of this, I’d roped a few colleagues into the idea of LGV driving. They all came to Andy for training and thoroughly enjoyed the process. One or 2 settled at a Cat C licence and found plenty of work in that role. Most of them went on to acquire a Cat CE licence and drove articulated lorries for the agency clients. Andy’s operation has grown significantly; too much training and agency administration for one person to manage. He has moved his office and CPC training facility to grander premises. He has taken on additional trainers and additional vehicles to meet a growing demand. He’s introduced office staff to the operation to manage the training itinerary and offer training support. The driver agency has also grown significantly.

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