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C+E Licence Training

A Category C+E or Class 1 Licence is the most comprehensive HGV licence you can hold. With this licence drivers can drive and handle a draw-bar or articulated vehicle.

The E part of the category C+E licence stands for entitlement and means that the holder can go up to or over 750KG in trailer weight.

If you already hold a current Category C (Class 2) licence you can undertake the training for C+E  (Class 1) without the need to pass further medicals or theories.

To find out more about what is involved in the training for a C+E licence, click this link to our HGV Training page.

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One to One Training.

Maximise's your time behind the wheel and the best possible chance to achieve your goal.

Test & Training Dates

From the beginning you will know your test & training dates.

Automatic Gearboxes

Our training fleet is made up entirely from Volvo's.

Training on actual Test Routes

Practical driver training delivered over the test routes.

Optimal Sessions

4 Hour driving sessions to maximise concentration.

HGV Category C+E Licence

What am I allowed to drive?
image of ce hgv class 1 training truck

C+E Trucks

Fully articulated trucks also known as “Artics”. Made up from a tractor unit and a long trailer. Under normal circumstances these are the largest trucks you will see on UK roads. Popular with haulage companies due to the sheer volume of what can be transported.

The HGV Category C+E licence, often known as the Class 1 license, is the highest level of HGV driving available.

Professional truck drivers who wish to maximise their income and climb the career ladder should consider this option.

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